the end of the year

17 Oct

this post was first written here! any errors, mistakes or shortcomings should kindly be forgiven.
p.s: forgive my poor punctuation too… i’m too lazy to use capital letters.


the end of this year of my life is upon me…actually its upon ‘us’ & its much closer than you think…its the day after the day after tomorrow, i think that falls on thursday hunh? well its the 20th of october. literally that was when my life began some 15 years ago(you’re crazy if you believe this) & that is the reason behind the whole ‘end of the year’ thing.

for some people their birthdays carry so much planning & thoughts well mine isn’t the case.
for others they review the years that they’ve lived & draw plans for the future…still not me.
but me…me, i don’t have anything in mind. seriously, nothing! infact, the more i think of it, the harder i find thinking of anything.
at this crossroad of my life, i don’t even know what i’ll do in forthcoming years.
but that is not to say i don’t have plans to have plans of planning a very lovely future! but opportunities aren’t coming my way!
well i know exactly what you’re going to say; “you have to find opportunities”. *sighs*


unlike many other bloggers i know, i’m not going to be telling many stories, actually i’m going to post the different things eating me up from inside not because i want to be a blogger but because that is the only thing i haven’t done yet! yes, i said it! i’ve done pretty much every other thing including poetry, song writing, writing books, fantasizing(i’m still on this one though!) & so many other things & i’ve not derived the much needed satisfaction!


wow! i’ve written a bit more than i thought i would & concluding this…this, i don’t know what to call this!
now i’ve got to move to the bigger problems of my day & obtain their greater solutions

17th october 2011


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5 responses to “the end of the year

  1. Oluwatobiloba Alexander Akinbiyi

    October 18, 2011 at 08:25

    dude man… we look forward to reading

  2. Damilola

    October 18, 2011 at 10:06

    Waiting ………….

  3. weirdredlipstick

    October 24, 2011 at 02:43

    Birthdays? pfft* just another boring day in my life..i dont see what all the stress is about either..smh*

    Lol…i love the way you write tho…

    • theadesioye

      October 26, 2011 at 13:00

      thanx soo very much! comments lyk dis gimme hope! y did u close ur wordpress account tho?! & do u have a twitter handle? just ff me & tweet at me 4 a ff back @theadesioye


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