Out Of Control

Just as the title says…

Just before I continue I’d like you to know I took a break from blogging because I’m the world’s laziest and /or nonchalant kid! Too lazy to make a blogpost…that’s how lazy Libras get.

Back to the bone of contention, Out of Control, obviously, this is one of those personal stories I usually tell.

So my life is in contention and it SEEMS to be running out of control.
I’m just the average college kid looking for the ‘big break’ in life, but things seem to be falling apart. The biggest problem I’m facing right now is I just can’t seem to read nowadays! I open my books & zzzzzz….I’m dozing off!
It may seem funny but if you’ve slept 7hours straight, you open your book & you start dozing again, there’s a problem somewhere.

Another thing that’s causing great harm to my sanity is my appetite. Its safe to say a loaf of bread can’t move me! I eat 3-4 Indomie super packs! I can down 1 ‘DeRica’ of garri! I’ve spent six thousand CFA on just my self in a regular eatery(buka type) and now my monthly allowance can’t last a week even when I don’t drink, smoke or spend on girls!

I’ve always been the stubborn type but these days telling me what to do is just a way of preventing me from doing it! I just can’t seem to take orders without looking for alternative routes or ‘shortcuts’.
I’m also a twitter-addict, a troublesome person & a terrible talkative amongst the evil habits that terrorize me!

But as a saying goes, the first step to solving a problem(or a couple of problems) is detecting it(or them).

One big challenge that is a threat to most youths is lack of focus and discipline! We are fond of characterizing these words as ‘nerdy’ & ‘holy’ but believe me the greatest person one can subdue is him/herself. We all need to start putting certain habits of ours to the sword. We also need to know what we want so we can focus on it. How can one live in this modern age and still live day-to-day? Seriously, HOW? How can a normal person have no vision? Doesn’t it sound retarded? We all need to picture ourselves in a couple of decades & work towards it.

I’m the one who needs this advice actually but a few people could also make due with a couple of things from this.

Just as I like my things, this article is unrehearsed and is what I call a FREESTYLE…if I tried writing it down before posting it, my perfectionist nature will lead me to deleting the whole thing….

14:30 hrs
1st of March, 2012


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the madness within

people think you’re mad when they hear you say certain things. some people think you’re mad when they hear you believe in ghosts, for some its when you say you’re okay with homosexuality, as for me, my friends think i’m mad all of the time!
although i’m just as sane as the average human being, i believe in some things that leave me open to very hard criticisms. and i mean very hard ones.
let’s take for example, i’ve always said that i can control my subconscious. wait! before you start judging me, the least you can do is to hear me out.
i’m very serious on this one, just think have you ever done something extraordinary?! have you ever wished for something & it came out of the blues?! not just idle wishing, heartfelt wishing. the type of wishing that comes with this energetic faith. and all of a sudden it just happens, just like that! (please let’s not let our religious faiths interfere here!)
have you ever wanted to wake up at a certain time in the morning & you do so even without the use of alarm clocks?! have you ever tried studying, but nothing enters and so you determine deep down and the next thing you know you’re in the exam-hall writing what you didn’t get whilst reading?
seriously at least one of these scenarios must bring back memories of when our subconscious was controlled by our very own minds.
well in my situation, i used the power of my mind to control my subconscious to stop bed-wetting. as young as i was back in primary four, i decided to stop peeing in the midnight by literally asking myself to stop it & believe it or not i stopped!

now different people have told me their not so different feelings about this and i’m still headstrong about it but at least one or two persons will agree with me on this.
so that’s the madness within me and i’m yet to see it as madness but of course its left for you to judge.
my question is, what is the madness within you? what is that thing you strongly believe in that makes people think you’re insane? well you might stand out of the crowd and still be right!

kindly cope with my laziness & try to adjust to my punctuation and grammatical errors, i’m not the type to make drafts before publishing what i’ve got in mind!

18th october 2011


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the end of the year

this post was first written here! any errors, mistakes or shortcomings should kindly be forgiven.
p.s: forgive my poor punctuation too… i’m too lazy to use capital letters.


the end of this year of my life is upon me…actually its upon ‘us’ & its much closer than you think…its the day after the day after tomorrow, i think that falls on thursday hunh? well its the 20th of october. literally that was when my life began some 15 years ago(you’re crazy if you believe this) & that is the reason behind the whole ‘end of the year’ thing.

for some people their birthdays carry so much planning & thoughts well mine isn’t the case.
for others they review the years that they’ve lived & draw plans for the future…still not me.
but me…me, i don’t have anything in mind. seriously, nothing! infact, the more i think of it, the harder i find thinking of anything.
at this crossroad of my life, i don’t even know what i’ll do in forthcoming years.
but that is not to say i don’t have plans to have plans of planning a very lovely future! but opportunities aren’t coming my way!
well i know exactly what you’re going to say; “you have to find opportunities”. *sighs*


unlike many other bloggers i know, i’m not going to be telling many stories, actually i’m going to post the different things eating me up from inside not because i want to be a blogger but because that is the only thing i haven’t done yet! yes, i said it! i’ve done pretty much every other thing including poetry, song writing, writing books, fantasizing(i’m still on this one though!) & so many other things & i’ve not derived the much needed satisfaction!


wow! i’ve written a bit more than i thought i would & concluding this…this, i don’t know what to call this!
now i’ve got to move to the bigger problems of my day & obtain their greater solutions

17th october 2011


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